Work With Sarah

Therapeutic coaching with Sarah Cuff.

Therapeutic coaching is a non-directive process which focuses on providing you a safe space free of judgment and full of curiosity in order to explore underlying causes of chronic inflammation, anxiety/depression, body weight frustrations, injury, illness and/or disease.

Sarah will guide you through an exploration of any area of concern as we look into your past experiences, current reality and future worries, enabling you to become more aware of surrounding (conscious and unconscious) emotions, perceptions and beliefs.

While Sarah may offer up wisdom from great teachers or experience, the majority of insight will come from within you as she guides you to align with the power and knowing of your own inner wisdom (intuition, heart and gut). The goal is to help you cultivate techniques for living and pursuing goals from a grounded and centred place (as opposed to feeling chronically anxious, disappointed, confused, chaotic, stressed and/or overly emotional [excess or constant fear, anger, grief, shame or guilt]).

Therapeutic coaching builds resilience as Sarah invites you to move toward connecting with your true authentic self and cultivating an openhearted state of living*.


  • 1 x 60 minute session.

CA $125 (~US $94)

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*Openhearted State of Living

  • calm in our body and our life;
  • curious about our mind and the minds of others;
  • connected: secure connection between our mind (intellectual knowing), our body (gut knowing), our emotions (heart knowing) and our spirit (intuition knowing) to our soul (our true self / essence / authentic self);
  • connected to the hearts and minds of others (community)
  • connected to that which is greater than us (the earth / nature / Mother Earth / the universe / source / God / cosmos);
  • compassionate towards ourselves and others;
  • confident in who we are;
  • clear in thought and courageous in action.