Wendy L.

sarah cuff

December 3, 2014

I thought I was a  healthy eater and had a good handle on nutrition  so I didn’t know if it would be worth it to work with a nutrition coach. However, I wanted to lose some weight but didn’t now how to do that while properly fueling my body while training for two half marathon races.  Sarah came to speak to our running group, and her energy and enthusiam convinced me to sign up.

I realized how much I had to learn about nutrition and running.  I have a lot of food allergies and Sarah set up a meal plan with taking all that into consideration!  I used to get headaches once every one or two weeks.  Since following the food plan Sara designed for me, I didn’t get a headache for over two months.  I always thought my headaches were due to my office job, or my old mattress, but really it was due to the inflamation caused by my diet.  I love eating nutrient dense, whole foods!

Sarah designed a plan which took into consideration my food sensitivities/allergies, my training and my lifestyle.  Being a working mom of two teenage boys,  I didn’t want to cook separate meals for them.  The menus had to work for the entire family. Following the menu plan, I tried different foods (bison, chia, jerky) and really enjoyed it.  Even though I spend a lot more time shopping, preparing and cooking food on the weekends, it really pays off in spades during the week. With the meal plan, I never felt hungry or too full during my workouts. I was properly fueled.

I have learned so much.  Being a runner, Sarah had lots of great idea, and tips on running and nutrition.  I love reading her blogs.  I don’t get headaches. I don’t feel bloated.  I’m properly fueled throughout the day and my races (no sugar highs and crashes).

I ran a personal best time at the the Rock and Roll Vancouver. I beat my previous PB by 3 minutes.  It was the most enjoyable race I’ve run.  Plus, I also lost 8 pounds.  So I achieved both my goals. Thank you Sarah!

-Wendy Leong, Vancouver BC