Varley Taylor

sarah cuff

Thanks to Sarah’s guidance, I feel like a new person! Having suffered GI issues for 18 months and gone down a very traditional route of family physician, dietician and gastroenterologist (all without success and with only a vague diagnosis of IBS), I finally “treated” myself to Sarah’s coaching. My only regret was that I didn’t go to Sarah first!

In a matter of weeks my GI issues had improved so greatly that I was finally able to run again, and now 4 months later, those once debilitating issues have all but disappeared. When I first came to Sarah I was just desperate to be able to run again. GI issues are not very compatible with running, but in less than 3 months I went from being unable to run a continuous 5 km to completing the 2018 Canadian Army Run’s Ortona Challenge (back to back same day 5 km + 10 km races).

On top of overcoming my longstanding GI issues, my energy levels have improved and I’ve lost some excess weight too (10 lbs). Plus, I’ve learned more about fuelling longer runs and races – and find I am finishing my runs feeling strong.

I really liked that Sarah didn’t focus on “don’t eat this, don’t eat that”, but instead she encouraged eating whole foods, avoiding gut irritants and adding in gut-friendly foods that would help heal my gut. I have a newfound confidence in not just making good food choices, but knowing why I am making them. I had initially agreed to give up some pretty major things for the duration of the coaching (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fruit juice) but amazingly I find I have no desire to reintroduce them now that we are finished – never thought I’d hear myself say that about alcohol!

I also really liked the support Sarah offered by email – she was always there to answer my many questions. Thanks to Sarah’s guidance and support,  I am now getting ready to tackle a half marathon next year – something only earlier this year I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do again!

Varley Taylor, Kingston ON
(summer/fall 2018 – nutrition coaching client)

October 30, 2018