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February 19, 2016

image-2When I first considered hiring Sarah, I was initially concerned that the plan wouldn’t be individualized enough to align with my busy schedule. I needn’t have worried! Sarah developed a plan that took into account my personal habits, my busy schedule and my exercise routine. If something wasn’t working, she taught me how to adjust the plan while keeping my long term goals in focus. She also provided regular feedback and support.

I wanted a plan to support my desire for a mostly plant based diet and Sarah did exactly that – my Eat 2 Run nutrition plan completely supported MY goals. Upon putting my plan into action I found I had more energy, even though I’d simultaneously taken on more workouts (strength training and cycling) and increased my weekly mileage! I hit new records for my running mileage in a week and then in a month. Not only did I have enough energy, I also didn’t experience any of the fatigue in my legs or body that I’ve gone through in past training cycles.

In working with Sarah, it was also my goal to reduce my cravings for sweets and feel more in control of my food choices. My Eat 2 Run personalized program met my nutritional needs in such a way that I built a healthier relationship with food – cravings for foods that did not support my training diminished, and I found a new sense of control.

One of the great things about my plan is that Sarah taught me not just to follow what she’d given me, but how to modify recipes so that they supported my training and satisfied my sweet tooth (she even developed the best cinnamon roll recipe just for me!).

Sarah taught me the strategies I need to know to put together meals and snacks that will keep me running strong for the long term. These strategies make up a template that I can continue to use on my own to support my training day to day or when I prepare for my next race. After working with Sarah I have a better understanding of my food needs and how to manage cravings.

I totally recommend Sarah to anyone who is interested in improving their running, reducing chances of injury, or recovering faster from their training. She is truly invested in her clients and helping them achieve their health or fitness goals. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more knowledgable coach! Her support was phenomenal!

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image2UPDATE FROM TRACY, 1 year later (she hired me again to design a detailed 6-day meal plan to support her MS Run the US where she ran 30 miles each day for 6 days in a row to raise money for MS research):

Sarah –

The menu and meals were PERFECT!!!!  Your knowledge and precision kept me running strong! Each day got easier in fact! Aside from some wear and tear on my feet, my body held up really well!  I truly attribute that to EATING TO RUN! 🙂

As for the recipes – the young college students cooking for me were not used to planning or using recipes but they actually had a lot of fun with it. They tried of few of them too and said they were really good. I left them my packet of recipes so that they could use them with the remaining runners if they’d like.

Thanks for helping to get me to the finish line strong and healthy!