Tomas Nochta

sarah cuff

When I first thought about hiring Sarah, I hesitated as I wasn’t sure if I will be able to follow a plan. I thought I would have to start counting calories and macros – but that’s not what Sarah makes you do at all. The plan she made for me took my caloric and macro needs into account (without me needing to do any counting) and proved to be very easy to follow.

Since putting my plan from Sarah into action, I definitely lost weight – without being hungry. I learned how to portion my meals and now I prefer more healthy and balanced foods in my diet. My day to day energy is good – not sure if more but definitely not less (which I might have expected while trying to lose weight). My recovery is on point. I don’t feel tired or beat up after fast short or slower long runs.

I really appreciated that there was no macro counting. I also really liked that the plan was very simple and super easy to follow. Overall, I feel better and I look better. The energy and fuel for my runs is truly amazing. And my recovery is easy and painless. I am also happy to report, along with the guidance of my great run coach, I was able to take 15 minutes off my previous PR and run Chicago Marathon last week in 3 hours, 11 minutes.

I definitely feel that not only did I achieved my goal of learning how to properly fuel my training runs, I now have a tried and true nutrition routine for race day. Furthermore, I lost some excess body fat and came much closer to my racing weight than ever before. I’d say I’m well on my way to reaching my ideal racing weight for my next marathon – my sub-3 BQ marathon.

Tomas Nochta, Saddle Brook NJ
(fall 2018 – nutrition coaching client)

October 12, 2018