Tanya J.

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February 19, 2016

Image 8Having gluten, dairy and egg intolerance and a tenancy to get angry or “hangry” when hungry, my biggest concern about nutritional coaching was that my diet would be even more restricted than it already is and that my caloric intake would be reduced to the point of consistent hunger. With my Eat 2 Run plan, it was nothing of the sort – I have eaten more meals with an abundance of flavor and have yet to be hungry, sometimes working hard to get in all my meals.

One of my main complaints in seeking out a nutrition plan is that I was constantly suffering from a distended stomach and major afternoon energy crashes. Trying to compete in triathlon where multiple workouts need to be completed in one day energy levels are critical. I have reaped the benefit of a healthy digestive system and the energy to get in my second workout of the day. I can’t recall feeling so well so consistently.

The best feature of my program is that it was created for me specifically and really took into account all of my needs and wants. I have enjoyed having more food choices and recipes than I though and a strategy for nutrient timing that was created specifically for my daily demands.

From reducing my stomach distention to playing a pivitol role in my training and racing goals, I also performed really well in my first race after really embracing my nutrition program. I crossed with a first place age group finish as well as a third place female overall!

Tanya Jones, Surrey BC

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