Suzanne M.

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February 18, 2016

Image 4I was hesitant in the beginning to go with Eat 2 Run coaching because I felt that I could find the answers that I needed in a book or online. I tried a few of the recipes featured on the Eat 2 Run website, and loved them. I chose to go ahead with the coaching and meal plan not only so I would have a customised meal plan, but to have the support and mentorship from a developed runner that I needed to keep me on track.

To say that I had more energy isn’t the best way to describe the changes – I felt like what I imagine a healthy adult is supposed to feel like. I was not tired, sluggish, or achy. (Except for the soreness that accompanies training for long distance running but that never lasted long.) I was sleeping soundly each night, and not feeling the need to sleep in at all. I felt a spring in my step when I was running. I felt that I could push myself a little more with each run. I ended up changing my race goal because I knew that I could easily surpass my original goal. I was also getting ready for the Miss Canada Globe pageant, so I needed a meal plan that would help get my body stage ready.

I loved that Sarah customized the meal plan to my dietary needs. I’m allergic to nuts, and a lot of the recipes that I wanted to try had some kind of nuts in it. She went through and made the modifications where she could. Any recipe that couldn’t be modified, she suggested another recipe that was just as good. Sarah also knew that I drink a lot of beer – a drink that I need to cut down on or eliminate altogether for training – and suggested kombucha tea as an alternative to help me lower my consumption. While it’s not a lager, it’s a delicious, healthier alternative that worked for me. Through all this, I attained a level of health that I doubt I have ever had in my life.

I started recommending Eat 2 Run before I started the Eat 2 Run for Race Day program. I loved the recipes and started sharing them with anyone who had an interest in healthier snacks and meals. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get their nutrition on track for their athletic goals, or even just to lead a healthier life.

My goal was to follow a meal plan that fueled my training for a half marathon, as well as a meal plan that prepared my body for the Miss Canada Globe pageant. This program delivered exactly what I needed and wanted. I don’t know what else it could possibly offer!

Suzanne McCray, Richmond BC

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