Suzanne H.

sarah cuff

January 6, 2016

Image 5“Sarah is quite simply a brilliant coach.  Running a 10k race has been on my bucket list for several years now, but year after year I kept getting older, with a ‘consistently sporadic’ running practice, and was no closer to accomplishing my goals. Finally I began working with Sarah – and everything shifted. Her expert nutritional advice, tailored training plans and steady encouragement and feedback made a massive difference, despite my heavy travel schedule. Since we started working together, I’ve run the Fall Classic 10k AND two other 5k races, all in far better times than I’d imagined possible. And I’ve reached a longstanding weight goal with virtually no effort, ditching the points-trackers and instead heeding her advice to focus on the principles of whole foods nutrition and listen to my body. For the first time in my life, I feel lean and healthy, and consider myself a “runner” – thanks to Sarah!”

– Suzanne Hawkes, Vancouver BC (Management consultant and leadership trainer, Convergence Communications and Strategies)