Shelley Oliver

sarah cuff

I wasn’t sure working with Sarah would be worth the cost, but had I known all the great results her Eat 2 Run for You program would give me, I know now I wouldn’t have hesitated! I’ve noticed so many improvements in so many areas – for example, my energy is higher and more stable. My mind is sharper, better memory, improved mood. I heal faster. While I’m still dealing with my gut issues (previously severe digestive issues), for the first time I finally feel as though I am working towards improving them. I feel as though I’m living more constructively and am more informed in how to heal myself. I actually can see the potential for things clearing up now. And the emergency 3 day simple meal plan Sarah created for me to use during a bad flair up is a life saver.

As a runner, I also feel what I’ve learned about fueling prior to and after intense workouts to be super valuable, as well as how to snack throughout the day. Also, I’ve got a hang on how to fuel my running and what appropriate proportions of carbs, protein and veggies for me are. Overall, I really appreciate that I’m able to live better with my gut issues and am well on my way to being more healthy and in less pain as I train for my first marathon.

Shelley Oliver, Vancouver BC (fall 2017/winter 2018)
(nutrition coaching client)

January 6, 2018