Sarah D.

sarah cuff

January 5, 2016

“I can’t say enough about the positive impact of Sarah J Cuff’s coaching. I started out frustrated by early injuries and unsure of how to grow as a runner. After two months I already have a nice big bag of tools to help me train safely, support my body, and reach my goals.

Having a monitored training plan designed by Sarah has kept me accountable to my goals, while also safely pushing my body to places my mind may not ever have let me get to on my own. I have learned how to fuel my body with a clean, whole food diet, which has helped me reach my weight loss goals while significantly improving my overall health and giving me more energy on the trail. As a coach, Sarah is supportive and motivating, and always gives me the education behind what she prescribes, be it in the kitchen or on the trail.

But above all else, the key to my success – increased mileage, speed, endurance and health – comes down to one thing: she has confidence in what I can do and now, I do too. I couldn’t ask for more!”

– Sarah Davey, Vancouver BC