Sandra H.

sarah cuff

September 12, 2016

Version 2I first met Sarah at my run club and then attended her Eat 2 Run workshop. After hearing her speak those couple times, it was evident she was super knowledgeable and so I didn’t have any hesitations about purchasing her nutrition coaching. I was just really excited to take all the information I learned at the workshop and have it personalized! I knew 1:1 coaching would be the perfect way to accomplish this.

Over my time working with Sarah I experienced a notable increase in energy levels and my mood has definitely improved since putting the plan she designed for me into action. By far one of the biggest changes in nutrition habits I made was cutting out coffee as a daily habit and replacing it with a super food matcha latte. Another significant change was replacing store bought cereal with smoothies or fully loaded oatmeal and beginning the day with a glass of water. Learning about and incorporating the following super foods consistently into diet was something else I found super helpful – hemp hearts, matcha green tea, blueberries, almonds and my favourite tart cherry juice and beginning to introduce others more regularly such as tumeric spice, avocado, and kale.

I really like being able to ask any question and having a super prompt, knowledgeable and non judgemental answer every time. I really did appreciate how friendly and open Sarah was with any questions or concerns I had – I never felt like I couldn’t ask her something as she was always so professional and easy to talk to.

Overall I learned and put into place healthy habits I will have for life and I gained invaluable knowledge about food choices including  specific details about brands and where to find/purchase items. I also discovered I had low iron levels and was clinically iron deficient. With Sarah’s assistance I was able to choose the right supplements and have my iron levels increase with none of the regular/common unpleasant side effects. Discovering my iron-deficiency and addressing that was definitely key to my success at the end of the day – and I don’t think I’d ever have figured it out without Sarah!

I definitely feel like I reached goals and I feel my time with Sarah was one of the best health related decisions I’ve ever made. So happy to know and work with such an amazing person!

-Sandra Hale, Vancouver BC
 (nutrition coaching client)