Ryan W.

sarah cuff

February 19, 2016

ImageI decided to work with Sarah in order to give myself every advantage possible in running my first marathon. I had an audacious goal of breaking 3 hours, was training hard and wondered if sharpening my nutrition might help. I was also interested in trying the 10-day fat-loading / 3-day carb-loading strategy for race day performance.

After meeting with Sarah, I implemented her suggestions. Overall I could feel my body sharpen up with the changes in my diet. Although warned fat-loading might make me feel tired, I never felt any drop in energy, but overall felt strong and never had a lack of fuel, which also increased my confidence.

I especially appreciated the amount of information, variety of recipes and flexibility of the way I could work the changes into my lifestyle and diet. I felt it was a fairly seamless edit to what I was already doing, but that refinement made a difference. In fact, when race day rolled around, I crossed the finish line in 2:58:47 – achieving my sub-3 goal.

I also feel like my own knowledge has grown and in my day to day choices I have been making an effort to change certain things, or not include some foods I was eating previously. It helped for my marathon, but I think it will be a longterm improvement as well.

Every time I had a question, it was answered quickly and in-depth. It felt like Sarah genuinely cared about my progress and well-being. For anybody looking to improve their performance, their diet and their general health it’s always good to explore ways to move forward.

Sarah knows what she’s talking about and has a great attitude. The process of working with her to make changes to my nutrition habits felt exciting as I knew I was moving forwards, rather than it feeling like a task or something unenjoyable. Working with Sarah was well-worth the investment and I’m sure I’ll be coming back to her for further guidance.

Ryan Willms, Vancouver BC