Robyn P.

sarah cuff

December 1, 2014

“I have been quite active for most of my life, but really fell in love with running in 2009. I decided in January of 2009, I would run my first full marathon in May. It went really well, and even qualified for Boston in my following race in October. A couple of weeks before I was set to run Boston, I landed up fracturing my hip and breaking it in the race. I continued to finish the race, however, had to take many steps backwards and really reevaluate my priorities. I spend 2011 healing up and learning many tough lessons on health and nutrition. In 2012, I decided to pick up marathoning again. I ran a 4hr marathon in May 2012 and was left wondering what piece of my training I was missing. I put in the time and all the energy but wasn’t getting the results that I wanted.

At the beginning of 2013, Sarah came to speak to our local running clinic about ‘Nutrition for Runners’. Her clinic talk was well received and I decided that it would be a good idea to have her help me with my nutrition as I felt strongly that was my missing link.

Sarah is so realistic and down to earth. She has this ‘no non-sense’ approach in her nutrition coaching and really worked with my work/life/running schedule (as it is a busy one!). She took a very serious look at what I was currently doing with my diet and really broke it down for me and taught me what I could be replacing in my diet to increase my stamina. Thanks to Sarah, I am now running so much stronger, longer and healthier! I am most definitely on track to reaching my 2013 goal of re-qualifying for Boston… Mentally and physically stronger.”