Robin M.

sarah cuff

February 17, 2016

image (1)“My New Years resolution for 2013 was to run a marathon — after only ever running one 10k previously. I’m in my fifties, so I guessed I would have to ramp up slowly. After having to walk the last half of a summer half marathon, and then having two running-related injuries that prevented me from training for over a month in the summer, I knew I needed help.

What I really like about Sarah’s coaching is how individualized it is. She had me do a food journal for 3 days and told me exactly what was good and what I needed to change to achieve better energy levels and help my body heal. When I wanted to substitute a long trail run with buddies on a weekend for what she had planned, she adapted my schedule.  She answered every question I asked in a timely manner. She was always positive and encouraging, but realistic about my goals.

On Dec 1st I met my goal of finishing a marathon with a smile on my face! I feel great and so proud of myself. Running is now a part of my life. I would recommend Sarah’s coaching to anyone who wants an individualized nutrition and running program.”

Robin Macqueen, Vancouver BC