Robin G.

sarah cuff

February 19, 2016

Version 2Since working with Sarah and switching up my previous eating habits for “eat2run” ones, I’ve noticed I have more endurance in my long runs. Somehow now I often myself leading the pace with my run group! I feel an energetic lift… I feel good.

Although I was a little hesitant with the idea of online coaching, I realized the constant communication via email as well as the telephone check-in meetings with Sarah worked well – in fact I didn’t feel that face to face interactions were missed.

I learned from Sarah that eating healthy can taste great! I know that might sound silly but my biggest challenge was feeling uneducated on what to eat, as well as uncertainty in whether what I was eating was right. Sarah was able to not only provide guidance on what foods were beneficial (eat more of) and what foods would not help me reach my goals (eat less of), but her recipes were amazing. I was always excited for whatever dish I was preparing that day/week. I especially enjoyed how flexible Sarah was to accommodate my lifestyle. If I was away on a work trip, she always had a great suggestions to keep me on track with my plan.

I feel as though my nutrition goals were definitely met (I’d like to train more still!). I have noticed a change in my body and it just feels good.

-Robin Garcha, Vancouver BC