Rebecca K.

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September 14, 2016
Version 2

Initially I was worried that if I worked with Sarah, her plan for me might focus on taking lots of supplements, pills and herbal remedies. I need not have worried – she very much puts the focus on whole, real foods, which I really appreciated.

Once I started working with Sarah I quickly felt more energetic and rested. In fact, my energy has increased during my clinic group runs as well as on my recovery days.

Plus, I have been sleeping better in the last month and rarely have foot cramps during the night anymore, a problem that had become so common I was loosing far too much sleep over it. The decrease in muscle soreness has also helped me sleep better too.

I feel like I have been recovering faster right after my training sessions and long runs than I was before – now I always feel ready for the next run or training session. And my better recovery is reflected in my current performance – a breakdown of a recent 8k race I ran (September 2016) shows me that my predicted half marathon time has improved by about 4 minutes from my 5 km benchmark (June 2016).

And on top of all that, I’ve been steadily feeling better and better in my body, leaner and lighter, while never feeling hungry and enjoying everything I was eating. I liked the variety of the meals in my menu – some vegetarian and some omnivore. Working with Sarah really didn’t feel like a diet at all, but a healthy lifestyle I’ll continue to follow for years to come.

My program included 4 follow-up meetings, and I looked forward to each of my talks with Sarah. She has a very positive, encouraging manner and I felt she was really focused on my success and was always looking at how to keep my progress positive. She suggested lots of little changes when needed. I felt she worked with me in a very personalized manner – this not a generic one side fits all program.

I feel as though I achieved my goals, and will continue to improve/maintain my health by following Sarah’s guidelines. I am fitter and healthier. I like that her client only recipe book she provided me with is always being updated with new recipes I have forever access to, and I like that she has a blog – it is inspiring to read about her runs.

Overall, I feel fitter, healthier, faster and more energetic. I am one happy runner!

-Rebecca Kennedy, White Rock BC (summer 2016)
 (nutrition coaching client)

UPDATE: October 23, 2016 – I finished the Vancouver Rock n Roll Half Marathon, my goal race, in 2:12:44 and I am pretty happy with the time. It is 12 minutes better than my BMO time in May and 1 minute better than my predicted time from my 8km race a few months ago!!  I hung on pretty strong for the entire race, slowing a little in the back half, but had a little energy left in the last kilometre and managed to pick up my pace to the finish line. I am feeling really good now and am already thinking of my next race!

Overall, I’ve achieved so much over the last 5 months and am feeling so much healthy and fitter for it, which was the most important goal to begin with!