Pamela G.

sarah cuff

February 18, 2016

When I first approached Sarah, I was struggling with serious fatigue after my workouts. I was only 5 weeks away from running the New York Marathon and getting worried. While initially the cost of hiring a nutritionist seemed high, honestly I knew that if it worked I’d get so much more from from revising my nutritional habits for years to come (not just for my marathon).

As soon as I implemented my Eat 2 Run personalized plan, I noticed some changes right away. Within a couple weeks, it seemed my energy improved significantly, as did my running! The icing on the cake was the 8 pound weight loss. I wasn’t expecting this, as I had gained at least this much the last time I trained for a marathon. I loved how I felt on my long runs and most of all, I’ve never felt more fit and strong in all the years I have been active.

Before running New York, I’d run one other marathon and I can tell you for certain, I felt so much better during this marathon training than I did the first time around. In the marathon itself, I never ‘hit the wall’ this time and that in itself is worth it’s weight in gold!! I truly enjoyed myself out there.

I’m fairly certain that my newfound LOVE for running has a lot to do with what Sarah has taught me. I like how specific my plan was, especially in regards to timing for race day. I also really appreciated all the support and follow-up calls. I recommend Sarah’s nutrition coaching to anyone looking to boost their energy levels and run stronger, absolutely without a doubt!

Pamela Granum, Vancouver BC