Odette W.

sarah cuff

February 17, 2016

image-e1414532695297I was introduced to Sarah a year ago by fellow runners. I’d heard wonderful things about her Eat2Run program and it took no convincing to sign me up. I was starting to train for what I hoped to be a PB marathon and I saw immediate results by following a personalized nutritional program that Sarah had developed for me.

About 3 months into training, I developed a significant knee problem. In short time, I had to discontinue running all together and knee surgery was recommended. Not one to give up easily, I sought out other medical opinions. After a few months trying to sort out what my issue was, I came back to work with Sarah again as I knew that proper nutrition would be a critical element in my healing process. Sarah revised my nutrition plan to reflect my injured status and the results were amazing. Within a month of following Sarah’s anti-inflammatory diet and working with a great team of people to correct my running biomechanics, I started to turn the corner. I am slowly returning to running without having the surgery and more significantly, I am running without pain.

I cannot say enough about Sarah’s part in my recovery. She has been an amazing resource and constant empathetic support throughout a trying time. Sarah has reeducated me and has changed the way that I view food. I whole heartedly endorse Sarah as a nutritionist. She is truly the best!

Odette Watson, Surrey BC