Nicola G.

sarah cuff

January 10, 2019

Admittedly if you had asked me earlier this year if I would be seeing a RHN the answer would likely have been no. By my own admission of semi-ignorance, I’m a scientist and so I need evidence based research! Surely there was no place in my life for this stuff? I am so glad I took a leap of faith and have no problem in saying I was wrong to be hesitant simply because I perhaps “didn’t believe”.

Sarah is amazing. Sarah saved me. Sarah helped me not only toe the line for the Berlin Marathon two weeks after our first meeting but I also only needed to go to the bathroom during that race ONCE! You see, I had been going 16+ times a day prior, often without control… yup, I was THAT person – suffering from colitis and C. diff. Yet I finished my fourth fastest marathon after an absolutely horrific training cycle and I BQ’d (which let’s be honest – Boston… it’s kind of a big deal to a road runner even though I’ve no immediate plans to return to Boston). And I achieved my 4th World Marathon Major star.

Then I toed the line a few weeks later for NYC Marathon and had absolutely no GI issues. None.

What I found most amazing was how fast the changes Sarah suggested I implement actually worked. The positive effects were almost immediate. True, I’d needed a general “lifestyle” change which incorporated the above and more – and I needed someone to give me a swift kick up the arse to get that plan into action. Out of this all, I have found a passion for prepping and cooking food for myself. I love the fact that I know what is in my food. I feel satiated. And wonderfully, after years, my gut has finally started to heal. It’s great to have routine. And surprisingly, I found that following this new way of fueling myself wasn’t nearly as ‘restrictive’ as I’d thought!

While I’ve more health and performance goals I’m working on (such as healing chronic tonsillitis once and for all, managing Meniere’s Disease, continuing to heal my gut – plus getting my remaining Marathon Major stars, running a sub-3 marathon, and completing my first 100 mile endurance run this October!), I really do feel that I’m on the right “path” and that is a good feeling.

Thank you once again Sarah, a million times over!

Nicola Grice, Vancouver BC
(fall 2018 to winter 2019 – nutrition coaching client)