Natelle G.

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February 19, 2016

Image 2My wife purchased the Eat 2 Run for You package for me as a gift so I really didn’t have any time for hesitation – I just jumped right in! The results followed shortly thereafter. First off, my confidence in running improved, especially as my stomach stopped twisting when I ate foods that assisted my running instead of hurt me.

I was also able to do early morning runs again that my stomach problems had previously put an end to. My energy levels are increased, feeling better in the morning than I did before, and not “crashing” in the afternoon.

Plus, all my previous injuries I’ve battled through every single race I’ve run decreased and for the first time I was able to run a race injury-free. The aches and pains (IT band and groin) that I suffered previously were successfully combatted with all the anti-inflammatory foods my Eat 2 Run plan contained.

Lastly, my appetite is much more quickly satiated when eating foods on my nutrition plan – even when my training was at its peak. Before it would take me more than one serving to feel full. Even then I’d still be hungry after dinner. I still find that if we go to a restaurant the quality of the food is usually such that I eat more than I would at home to feel full. 

I must say that the best feature of my nutrition plan was the access to an expert opinion (aka Sarah, via text, email and phone). She always promptly answered all of my questions and I appreciated the feeling of constant support that she provided. Also, the recipes were very easy to follow and prepare, and are all delicious!

At the conclusion of my time working with Sarah I successfully reached BOTH of my goals: I reached my desired weight goal for running, and can run injury-free now. This will ultimately give me longevity in running I’ve been looking for!

Natelle Gulevich, Vancouver BC

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