Mary M.

sarah cuff

April 23, 2016

ImageI first met Sarah at a talk she gave at my running clinic and was immediately very interested in her nutrition coaching. However, aside from the substantial financial commitment, I wasn’t sure I would be able to stick to things enough to make it worth it.

I need not have worried! I feel like I’ve benefitted immensely from Sarah’s nutrition coaching. I’ve learned so much about eating better and cooking. I particularly liked that the recipes were simply, easy to follow and quite tasty. Exactly what I needed as a beginner cook!

When I first started my program, I noticed almost immediately that my head felt clearer and I had better energy. I struggled a bit with pre-run nutrition as I was used to eating more before exercising, but definitely noticed improvement when I ate what I was supposed to!

Plus, I raced really well in my summer/fall races including the Chicago marathon. I feel empowered from having more knowledge and control over what I’m putting into my body.

I definitely feel like I achieved my goals and the coaching actually surpassed my expectations, if anything. I don’t think Sarah could have done better – she was endlessly patient with all my questions and I truly felt supported throughout.

Thank you so much for everything Sarah, you have truly made a difference in my running and in my life 🙂

Mary Murray, Vancouver BC