Mark N.

sarah cuff

September 25, 2019

I was a little hesitant to hire Sarah at first as I thought my nutrition was pretty good, maybe only needing a few small tweaks to get where I wanted to be. I just wasn’t sure If I was ready to take next step by having a nutritionist look at my diet and make the changes necessary.

However, the changes I have seen have been nothing short of life changing. I am no longer wondering what to eat and when to eat it. Whereas I used to struggle with fatigue, I now always have plenty of energy to complete all my workouts. I don’t have a fade late in my races like I used to. I have a much better sleep pattern. With Sarah’s help now eating to fuel my running and my life in general is simply a habit for me. Surprisingly, I’ve actually really enjoyed preparing meals with ingredients I’d previously never cooked with before. 

The feature of Sarah’s program I liked the best is the menu she designed for me. With having such a busy life with work, training, and racing, I needed something that I could easily follow. I also love all the options for the different variations on the menu if I wanted something different. It was great to have so much variety, options and flexibility. I liked how the menu aligned with my training – following through base training up through marathon build stage and finally race prep.

I benefited immensely with Sarah’s help and am now eating this way is for life. I feel so much better during all my training and races. My energy level is always good and I recover much better. I have seen so much improvement in my race times. I can definitely attribute a majority of this to working with Sarah.

All my goals have been achieved with one more big one to come – a Boston qualifier. I know with all the help I have received from Sarah that this will happen – I have no doubt it’s just a matter of time.

Mark Nelson, Burnaby BC
(winter 2019 to spring 2019 – nutrition coaching client)