Maggie M.

sarah cuff

February 17, 2016

imageI first came to Sarah with problems with weight gain, bloating, bad muscle soreness after workouts, lack of energy during workouts & side effects from pre-menopausal hormonal changes.

I thought I wasn’t doing too bad with my diet as a non red meat eater. Oh boy, was I ever wrong! I was eating & drinking all the wrong food. Well, Sarah worked her magic and customized a meal plan/diet that would change my life. I lost 15 lbs, no more bloating unless I ate the wrong food, faster recovery after workout and my hormone levels balanced out.

When I had my scheduled phone calls with Sarah, she would follow up with solutions or suggestions to every concern I had. She never over-looked or failed to address any of my issues. I also received e-mails from her to fine tune and enhance my diet.

Although my personal life was going through some difficult times and as a result I had to change my race plan from running the Newport Full Marathon to running the Half instead – after not racing for over 2 years, I was happy with my result with the Newport Half Marathon result, despite being hit with bad calf cramping in the last 3 miles.

I will definitely sign up with Sarah again when I decide on my next race and we will alter my diet to focus more on eliminating this newfound issue of cramping.

My suggestion to anyone who is considering whether to sign up with Sarah or not, you have to go into it with an open mind and a commitment to follow the plans that Sarah will set up for you to tailor to your specific needs. If you aren’t serious and think that you can cut corners or follow the diet whenever you feel like it then you will rob yourselves of an amazing life changing experiences.

Maggie Mathews, Surrey, BC