Liisa R.

sarah cuff

June 29, 2016

image1Since I started working with Sarah I feel like I have a much clearer sense of which foods to eat at which times and I understand how my body uses fuel.  I’ve done a lot of self study on nutrition but Sarah really helped me understand what would really fuel me pre-run and most importantly, what would really assist with recovery and inflammation after runs.

Sarah really understands the science of what a recovering body needs and she really paid attention to how my body responded to each little change we tried. Why I never thought of packing a wickedly yummy smoothie to have right after my run, I’ll never know, but getting that in right after instead of waiting until I got home and made it (or something like it with less anti-inflammatory goodness!), was a major shift (my muscles, my mood and my loved ones all appreciated this change!). Seriously, I might have purchased every book out there, but Sarah really helped me weed through all the info and helped me understand what my body was saying and supported me in trusting it!!! This knowledge is so valuable to me.

Sarah might also have a gift for putting all the super foods together in a way that make them taste amazing!  I had been experimenting with green juices for years, and every day was hit or miss if it was yummy or terrible.  Sarah’s recipe hit the sweet spot of being consistently so yummy.  I still use that recipe every day.  In fact there are probably more than 10 recipes that I’m using every week without really thinking about it.

Most importantly, and the biggest reason Sarah’s wages are worth it – is that Sarah treats her clients as individuals and she values true holistic health.  She understands that the way we fuel and move ourselves is about vitality, joy and connection. She knows that while we are working for great times, that we also want to gather with our friends, that we need great sleep, that we want our bodies to age well, and that we want to smile and feel good about how we are treating ourselves.

Sarah’s support in both pushing for my running goals but also knowing when to let one go and just smile and enjoy the ride, was so valuable to me.  She helped me know when to push myself, but actually her advice on when to rest was actually just as helpful and supportive. She actually told me on one run to just remember to smile a few times while I ran! I knew I needed a coach who really valued true health and balance, but who also had wisdom and knowledge to help me learn and I am really glad to say I found that in Sarah.

-Liisa Robinson, Victoria BC
 (nutrition coaching and run coaching client)