Lesley G.

sarah cuff

January 10, 2016

image-2I am 48 years old, been a runner for about 16 years and have suffered numerous injuries during that time. I really wanted to become a stronger, healthier, injury free runner and heard about Sarah through my run group, Penninsula Runners White Rock.

I remember my first or second call with Sarah – I told her what I was looking for but more importantly the two things that I WOULD NOT give up – coffee and wine 🙂 I fully expected her to try to convince me of the health benefits of giving those up and read me a bit of a riot act – but she didn’t. She did convince me to cut coffee down to 1 cup per day and limit my wine (ha ha – honest Sarah I did limit it ). We had monthly check-ins to check my progress which were not only helpful to provide me with good direction but I found them inspiring.

Sarah is very positive, laughs easily and makes it easy to admit little blips along the way – and there were some blips !!

I did the Newport Marathon 10 years ago and swore I would never EVER do another marathon again and never EVER Newport again and guess what? Yep I signed up – and I completed it – saying of course, I’m never doing another marathon, but now – perhaps I might.  I completed it relatively injury free and beat my time from the first time…………………. So her program works!

I’m sure I was not Sarah’s most committed student but I learned some valuable tools to help me progress as a runner and as a healthy human, without having to give up my coffee and wine – what could be better!

Thank you Sarah for all your guidance, your friendship, your knowledge, your empowerment and most of all your undying encouragement!”

Lesley Garlough, Tsawwassen BC