Kimberlee J.

sarah cuff

February 18, 2016

image-4I had heard about nutrition coaching before, but I was hesitant to start because I thought it would likely take a lot of time to eat the “ideal” way and I wondered if I’d be able to stick to it. I knew I had to make changes to my diet, though, because I kept getting sick over and over again. It was having such a negative impact on my running and my overall health that I decided to contact Sarah after she gave a nutrition talk at my local running store.

Sarah really personalized my eating plan around my schedule and lifestyle to make it fit in with my time and other commitments. She gave me practical and easy fixes for my diet, to work with me to boost my immune system and raise my energy levels.

I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels and a dramatic decrease in sickness. I got through an entire winter season without getting sick, and I attained a personal best 10K and half marathon.

Most important of all, I got to the start line of my first full marathon healthy and ready to run. With Sarah’s help, I’ve introduced some amazing eating changes for me and my family, and I know I will continue to build them into my lifestyle in the future.

Kimberlee Johns, Nanaimo BC