Katie O.

sarah cuff

October 8, 2020

I began working with Sarah earlier in 2020 as I had just signed up for my 1st 100 miler. After reading all I could get my hands on regarding the distance, I was shocked to learn that nutrition is the number one reason runners DNF a 100. I figured the nutrition component was something I could control, so I was eager to learn all I could from Sarah. 

The second I had my first call with her I knew I had found the right nutritionist for me. Then the master document she created for me for my 100 miler was incredible. We had worked together for about a month or so and I ended up asking her if she would run coach me as well. (*Side note: I am a run coach myself, so I hesitated at first, since I had been coaching myself for years now.)

The combination of nutrition plus run coaching was magic. I realized how much I enjoyed having someone else design a plan for me versus me having to do it all myself. The benefit of feedback after workouts, big picture guidance, and overall support was huge in my successful training. And this year proved to have its challenges – with the pandemic, races pushed back and then flat out cancelled. But Sarah was with me every step of the way.

I noticed that while I considered myself a “healthy” eater, there were tweaks I could make to my day to day that would take my nutrition and training to the next level. Including the recovery smoothie post long run, wow, that was a game changer. I felt like I recovered faster, and was just more thoughtful about food choices around my runs.

The nutrition plan for DURING my long runs was also critical. Each long run was practice for the big day, training my gut as well as my body to make it 100 miles!

What I really appreciate about Sarah’s style, is it’s all encompassing.  She cares about YOU… Not just the process. She helped train me mentally and physically for what I was about to tackle. Training was well thought out and highly organized, and I always knew the “why” of a workout or long run.

Sarah was instrumental in my success in not just completing my first 100 miler, but helping me plan it 100% self-supported. There were a lot of nerves, doubts and anxiety leading into tackling a 100 miler this year. I was nervous about a lot of the “firsts” that training would entail, my first 100 mile week, first overnight run, etc. Sarah always gave me all the tools to feel prepared and was supportive along the way.

Deciding to work with Sarah was the best decision, and truly was an enjoyable experience! I’d look forward to our check-ins, and she always left insightful comments after runs. Can’t wait to continue to work with Sarah on my next years goals!

Katie O’Connor, Chicago Illinois, (winter to fall 2020)
(nutrition coaching and run coaching client)

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