Karen H.

sarah cuff

February 23, 2016

image-3-e1444072581986I began working with Sarah as I ramped up my training for my 100-mile ultra. In the past, I’ve done diet programs that where so restrictive and repetitive in regards to food choices that I quickly rebounded and fell completely off the wagon after the program was complete. Plus they weren’t geared towards running. So I was a bit hesitant to take the plunge a third time! Cost was initially a factor for me too.

However, the program that Sarah put together for me was massive and valuable beyond its price tag. The information and numerous phone meetings we had was money well spent! In fact, there was so much variety, I still have recipes I’ve yet to make! I didn’t feel bored or restricted at all by the amazing amount of choices and options available!

I’ve been a vegan for over three years and I must say I loved both the variety and ease of the plan and recipes Sarah provided me. I’m always on the go and the recipes were fast and easy, as well as so delicious and satisfying! I’m doing to do a couple of small enjoyment races this fall then I’m going to follow my plan in full again for marathon training for a spring road race!

In training for my 100 mile ultra and following my food plan, I began sleeping better and recovering incredibly fast, which is especially important with my job as a firefighter and as I also do heavy weight workouts. Earlier this year I had struggled before and during my races with fueling properly and had some very hard race finishes where I felt completely depleted. Following Sarah’s program for me and specifically making the energy gels, rice cakes and using her addition fuel suggestions (Skratch matcha powder and fruit drops for the win!) greatly improved my performance. Plus, I’ve almost completely slayed my over-eating monster, specifically my tendency to over snack and over eat late at night!

When it came to the final few weeks before my 100 mile ultra, I decided to try the fat-loading / carb-loading protocol Sarah had discussed with me. This was the first time I’ve ever tried fat loading for a race… And it was awesome! I felt so good during the 17+ hours of my race! While it was unfortunate that I encountered an issue with my knee in the latter stages of my race, I did not experience the normal lows or exhaustion points that I normally go through during an ultra, especially the night running. I was awake for over 24 hours by the time I finished and my energy was still good!

If my knee hadn’t become injured during the race I can say 100% I would’ve made the 100 mile distance! My knee is almost completely healed 5 days post race and everything else feels good!

There’s nothing more I feel that could make this amazing Eat 2 Run program any better! Sarah was so inspiring, positive, motivating and encouraging! I’m so excited to plan for my next goal of running a sub 3:30 road marathon and to tackle multi-day trail stage races!

Karen Harvey, Kirkfield ON