Jill F.

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June 15, 2016

Untitled designI’d been struggling with low energy for over a year and even though I’d heard great things about Sarah, I was concerned that she’d offer a standard program full of time consuming meal preparation that I wouldn’t stick with. Besides, I thought I ate really well so I didn’t think nutrition was the problem.

Then about seven weeks away from a marathon I was training for, I really crashed. I was putting in the workouts and long runs but I was wiped out.  Running stopped being fun. I decided to contact Sarah after all and I am so glad I did. In less than a week I had a highly personalized nutritional plan. A lot of the meals are really simple and everything tastes great. I noticed my energy level change in the very first week. In no time I was running stronger, recovering quicker and my energy was way up.

Close to race day I still had concerns about my marathon. It had only been 6 weeks and I wondered if racing right now might have a negative impact on me and send me back to the low energy fog I’d been in before. But Sarah’s a great coach and really followed through with support. I left for my race confident that I’d finish strong.

Not only did I beat my previous PR by 7 minutes, I had SO MUCH FUN! Working with Sarah delivered a PR which is awesome, but it also changed the way I look at nutrition. I now have a real appreciation for the foods I eat and I recognize how vital good nutrition is not only to performance but to overall well-being. I can’t wait for my next race. Running is fun again. Sarah is great at what she does. I absolutely recommend her services.

Jill Ferrie, South Surrey BC 
(nutrition coaching client)

UPDATE from Jill, 9 months later:

Hi Sarah,

First of all, I can’t thank you enough for your programme and all the follow ups, encouragement and advice.

I am so happy that at 50 years old I was able to PR and qualify for Boston in running the Newport Marathon. Despite that, I feel like I still have yet to run my best race.

For sure training is key but good nutrition is AT LEAST as important. I really did not understand that until this year. My energy improved immediately after I started working with you and I was really pleased with my fall marathon last year but that was only about 6 weeks into it. By the time I got to Newport I had been following your plan for 9 months and the difference in my strength and endurance and recovery was night and day from the year before. I feel like a different person. I have so much energy.

Attached my celebration pic taken in Newport after the race.




UPDATE from Jill, over 1 year later:

Hi Sarah,

I’m just back from a run with a friend and we talked about you (nice things, haha) and it made me want to touch base. Just to say thanks again. I’ve had 3 PRs in the past year (in 4 races, two marathons, two half marathons). The best thing about that is that I am training more, racing more and I have twice as much energy as I was when I was doing half as much running. Just so you know, your magic doesn’t wear off :).

I hope all is well with you!