Jill B.

sarah cuff

February 18, 2016

image-2 (4)I decided to hire Sarah in March 2014 after one of her talks at my local Running Room. I was doing my second run training (5km) at the time and I wanted to improve my running and nutrition skills to run a half-marathon the following August.

I had a really chaotic work schedule at the time and my week was far from having anything close to a routine, so I wasn’t sure if a coaching might work for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see, that Sarah was very adaptable to this and helped me find some regularity in all the chaos. I could always tell her about my current struggles with my schedule and we would find a way for me to get out the door to run anyway.

My busy work schedule was also pretty hard on my way of eating. I started with eating out 9 out of 10 times, grabbing mostly fast food and drinking lots of coffee. Sarah introduced me to healthy and very tasty smoothies. I really fell in love with my morning smoothie (a variation of her recovery smoothie). It was easy to prepare the evening before, because I needed it very early in the morning. This way I could still enjoy my smoothie and have a relaxed and delicious start into my day. I also got some great ideas of healthy snacks that I could easily bring to work with me to change my eating little by little. And it worked. I reduced the fast food and the coffee and added delicious snacks instead.

One of the main benefits of having Sarah as a coach was increased motivation and accountability. I had my ups and downs trying to stick to my running plan before and it was a lot easier having Sarah on my side. She also had the necessary flexibility to adjust her coaching to my crazy daily life.

My time with Sarah ended with the day of my half-marathon, which I actually ran and finished in less than 3 hrs. It was a great experience and I’m happy that I chose Sarah to be with me on this journey.

Jill Bucher, Vancouver BC // Germany