Jennifer M.

sarah cuff

February 19, 2016

Image 5I was lucky enough to first meet Sarah in my 5km Running Room clinic, where she was a guest speaker. I took some of the tips and tricks for runners she mentioned and tried them out for myself, such as eating more hemp hearts, tart cherry juice, and omega-3’s. This was enough to provide me with the confidence that Sarah would be great nutritional coach. So when I started training for my first half-marathon I knew I needed her by my side!

Taking the program seriously is crucial (although Sarah does a great job at making it fun), so it wasn’t until I implemented pre-planning meals and increased my ‘greens’ consumption that things started to become easy and I noticed a change. My energy levels increased and I began waking up feeling rested. Better yet, the energy sustained throughout my day which in turn assisted with my runs and training. And that all led to me completing my first half-marathon with a smile!

I really enjoyed that Sarah noticed I live a busy lifestyle and she catered my plan to be more regimented, quick and easy… plus all of the meals, snacks and smoothies we’re always delicious… my fav still has to be the superfoods salad!

I feel that with Sarah’s helped me look at nutrition differently. I’ve always thought of myself as a healthy, active person, but struggled with always being tired. With Sarah’s help she introduced certain natural nutrients into my diet that my system was lacking – plus made it enjoyable.

If you are anyone who has exercise related goals or just want to feel better while exercising, Eat2Run is a great way to transform not only your health but your healthy eating outlook. It’s one thing to eat, but another thing to fuel your body properly and perform your best!

I really enjoyed my routine chats with Sarah and her encouraging e-mails to me were great. When it comes to success, I think it all comes down to the individual and how much they want to achieve their goal – past the nutrition knowledge, having Sarah by your side is a great source of motivation and encouragement 🙂

Jennifer McRoberts, Vancouver BC