Jen S.

sarah cuff

June 5, 2018

Initially I wasn’t sure if working with Sarah would be worth the money – but what I didn’t realize at the time is that this would be an investment towards developing a way of eating I’ll continue for the rest of my life! This was definitely not just another fad diet – working with Sarah gave me a life-time meal plan that I know I can sustain long term. I was also worried about having to stick to a strict meal plan as well as Sarah’s ability to advise for a plant based diet. I needed have worried on either count – Sarah’s knowledge of nutrition well surpassed my expectations!

One of my biggest issues, never feeling satiated and always craving sugary/starchy carbs was resolved relatively quickly and I now can get through until lunch without feeling like I want to eat everything and snacking way too much! I definitely also have less cravings than before. I’d been hoping that changing my eating habits might provide more stable energy levels throughout the day – and sure enough it did. My thinking is clearer and more focused, plus I’m more stable with less mood swings. I also find I’m less bloated on a daily basis than before – the relief from feeling too full and bloated really feels good. And perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that my running performance is the best it’s ever been – I am running stronger than I ever have before, my workouts feel more powerful and everything I’m eating makes for effective recovery from all my running.

I really liked all the options she provided me and how simple it was to make the meals. Plus her recipes are so yummy it was hard to believe I got to eat these foods! I found the nutrition plan Sarah designed for me to be convenient and the ingredients weren’t hard to find. I especially appreciated how she enabled me to stop worrying about calorie counting. Overall I feel like Sarah really helped to simplify all the ‘health food world’ information out there, helping me to determine what is most relevant and important to focus on.

Also, although I’ve been running for some time now, Sarah helped me to get out of my ‘comfort zone’ with running and encouraged me to sign up for a ton of amazing races I wasn’t even aware existed, like Whistler Half, Victoria Half and the East Side 10K. She also suggested some amazing running groups to check out. I’ve now discovered the fun world of racing and have caught the racing bug! I’ve so far successfully completed the BMO half marathon, coming in 19th out of 440 in my AG (age group) which I was really excited about, and then just completed the Whistler half marathon 5th in my AG (out of 31).

Thank you so much Sarah for your support and food guidance throughout my training, it’s really helped as I can see with my race results!

Jen Smith, Vancouver BC (spring 2018)
(nutrition coaching client)