James S.

sarah cuff

November 23, 2018

Having wanted to establish a long-term healthy eating plan for some time now, over the last couple of years I tried a couple of lifestyle changes. First, I was on mainly a vegetarian diet for about 8 months and it was going ok until my workouts where getting more intensive and I was getting more fatigued after each workout. After seeing the doctor, I was told I was getting anemic. So my doctor suggested a Keto diet, which was working much better for me, on and off for about a year. But I was still looking for a lifestyle that I could follow with more ease all year round.

Then I attended one of Sarah’s workshops a couple of years ago and saw her give a talk at my run club. I felt that she’d be a good choice to help me with my nutrition needs since she is an athlete having gone through the same nutrition needs in the past. And I was right – I was very happy with her service. She listened to my needs and goals and then created personalized suggestions complete with examples of how to put it all together. Her guidance helped me improve my fitness while meeting my nutrition needs and providing plenty of energy for my workouts.

In the first couple of weeks I noticed that I had more energy and felt lighter. Over the next few months of working with her, we talked about things that were working well and for anything that wan’t she had very good ideas and always had suggestions to strengthen my nutrition plan and make it work even better for me. I felt she brought a very positive attitude to our talks and emails – an eager willingness to accept and meet any challenge I threw her way.

Overall Sarah gave me the tools to improve my nutrition needs, which in turned help me with my workouts. Her recipe book is a great help – there are so many choices in it and very easy to follow recipes. If things change a little in the future and I find myself off track, she has given me a very good base to go back to and get on the right path again.

James Sherry, Vancouver BC
(fall 2018 – nutrition coaching client)