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February 18, 2016

image-31I met Sarah at a private workshop she put on for my run group. The information she presented was intriguing and informative. Plus, the smoothie and snacks she made for us were delicious!

I was particularly keen on trying the “fat-loading” and “carb-loading” strategies for pre-race prep. My first marathon in 2002 had been quite a struggle and I’m guessing it was due to poor nutrition (as well as over-training), and while I’ve run better marathons since then, I’ve always had to deal with issues such as cramps, stitches, and aches and pains.

All this made me especially interested to find out if a concerted attention to nutrition would make a difference. Using the information she’d provided us in the workshop, I followed her directions for both the fat and carb loading in my lead up to my marathon.

Long story short, these strategies worked well. My Kelowna Marathon was fantastic! I was hoping for under 4 hours (I got plantar fasciitis in 2013 and this marathon was to be my ‘comeback’) and I managed to do 3:34:17! Plus, I can honestly say I felt way way way better than previous marathons where I’ve run faster (and this time was only 5 minutes off my PB).  No cramps, no pains, no stitches.  No legs suddenly cramping up at 32K! I even had managed to catch a slight cold earlier in the week which persisted… But I ran through it thanks to being so prepared and couldn’t be happier with my marathon results.

Jag Bilkhu, Vancouver BC

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