Hollie H.

sarah cuff

February 18, 2016

image2I just wanted to say thank you to Sarah, for creating her Eat 2 Run blog, @eat2run instagram,  @runfastersarah instagram, and for generally being really inspirational!

Although I haven’t worked directly with her on my nutrition, I listened with great interest to one of her Running Room (West 4th) talks way back on a dark and cold February evening and have followed her brand through social media ever since.

I undertook my first full marathon in May, coming in 3 minutes under my sub 4 hour goal (3:57) and just got a new PB at my 3rd half marathon last weekend (1:46:27) I attribute a lot of my success in these great results to everything I have learned from Sarah over the last few months 🙂

I now cannot live without the AMAZING chocolate cherry berry recovery shake, make the energy bites on a regular basis and have completely changed my general understanding on the necessity to fuel for my training, the importance of recovery foods, anti-inflammatories etc. My overall approach to what I eat on a daily basis is also a lot healthier and is formed on the basis of how nutritious a meal is rather than calories etc.

Her @runfastersarah instagram has taught me not to get disheartened when my early morning runs are a lot slower than my evening runs (and that these carb-depleted runs can be good for you!), that it is important to do much slower and steadier runs as well as speedwork and that you aren’t always going to feel 100% every run but not to get too hung up on that. They also help push me out the door when I am having a lazy day! 😉

Thanks again Sarah!

Hollie Holden, Vancouver BC