Heather T.

sarah cuff

May 20, 2016

IMG_2107I had no hesitation in purchasing Sarah’s nutrition coaching as I knew nutrition would play a big role in doing a marathon. I benefited the most from her services in the fact that I learnt what my body reacts to – I learned a lot about nutrition and supplements.

I achieved my goal of finishing my first marathon… While not in the time I wanted (because of injuries that held me back), but I certainly had the energy I needed on race day! After following my race week and race day plan, my energy on the day of the race was everything I’d hoped it would be.

My favourite feature of my program was how clearly the plan was written and easy to follow it was – I did not have to think about what to eat. Also, the recipes are incredibly delicious!!

In my time working with Sarah I enjoyed being followed her with emails and phone calls… They always made me feel like I can do this. I would certainly recommend her services as a valuable part of marathon training!!

Heather Thomson, Vancouver BC (Spring 2016)
(nutrition coaching client)