Eric S.

sarah cuff

March 19, 2016

image4When I began working with Sarah I had hoped I would learn how to improve my nutritional habits, run stronger and recover faster, and reach my ‘racing weight’. It didn’t take long to start seeing improvements in all these areas!

Pretty much from the moment I began working with Sarah and began implementing her advice, I began noticing improvements in my performance, health and weight. Upon following her fueling plan during my longest training run in 4 years – 27 km – I noticed a distinct difference and felt the burst of energy upon fueling during my run.

And afterwards I discovered I love the chocolate cherry berry recovery shake!! I thought it would taste like a dogs breakfast but to my pleasant surprise it tastes great!

That was 2 months ago and at that point I was on track to run a sub 4-hour marathon time, unless Sarah is also a miracle worker! On top of this, I was also battling an injury at the time (plantar fasciitis) and then piriformis & TFL strains soon popped up as well to sabotage my training.

When marathon week and day rolled around, I felt I knew exactly how to fuel for it. Carb loading went well and my nutrition for the race was on par. The race itself was a rough one. I had chosen to run the New York Marathon, and it was a really hard pounding course especially the last 4 miles! However, I was very pleased with my 3:46 finish, having battled 3 separate injuries in the process of getting there and having my training derailed multiple times. Despite this I finished feeling relatively strong physically and mentally. Body took a pounding, but I attribute it to inadequate training and not enough core training, which I want to start working on.

I am very pleased with having lost excess weight during my time working with Sarah (and still heading in the right direction) and in general I feel my general understanding of eating healthy, whole food has really grown tremendously. The knowledge Sarah has imparted to me will last a lifetime, which I feel is invaluable!

Sarah’s anti-inflammation diet seemed to make a significant improvement in my long run recovery periods. I made a few minor adjustments to my eating habits & without any sacrifices or major changes I gained a greater understanding of the important of consuming less sugars and eating more omega-3 rich foods!

I can’t say enough positive things about Sarah, her knowledge of nutrition for runners & her passion for eating nutrient dense whole foods!!!

-Eric Schapira, Vancouver BC (fall 2015 to fall 2016)