Emy C.

sarah cuff

February 19, 2016

ImageAfter I attended one of Sarah’s workshop in the fall I know right away that I wanted to work with her on an one-on-one basis. I’ve long had a problem with cramping in my races. I found Sarah to be so full of knowledge – having somebody like this just a click away has been very beneficial in my running and overall health.

The first thing I noticed was that my post-run recovery was really fast. Plus my energy levels were higher and most of all my skin allergies disappeared. Friends and family continue to comment on my skin because they say it is glowing since I started my Eat2Run plan.

When my marathon rolled around, I did still have some issues with cramping but the cramping that I experienced was very minimal compared to the other marathon I did in the past. I feel that by continuing to stick with my program I will eliminate the cramping once and for all – without a doubt it feels I’ve made significant progress.

The recipes in my Eat2Run plan are great, easy and simple. I enjoy making my food everyday. The smoothies are great – especially the green smoothies which are now a permanent part of my mid-morning snack.

Sarah is very willing and invested in helping her clients to achieve their potential. I also had been struggling to achieve my racing weight. When I am training for a marathon I normally will gain weight or stay at the same weight I start with, regardless of how much I run or how hard I train. I thought I was eating well in the past, but it was’t until I implemented my Eat2Run plan that I realized how many more positive changes I’d still needed to make. I finally knew exactly what to eat, the amount of food to eat and its combination. This helped me to finally achieve my racing weight even while training for my marathon, plus I’ve been able to maintain this weight loss.

I definitely recommend Sarah’s nutrition coaching without hesitation to anybody, without a doubt. What I learned from Sarah is for life and it is well worth the investment. I’ve been sharing what I learned from her with others and it’s helped them improve their running and other parts of their life which has been wonderful.

Sarah, you have done everything I could have asked for and more. Thank you.

Emy Coulson, Vancouver BC