Danny B.

sarah cuff

March 28, 2018

Running. Road biking. Mountain biking. Hiking. Spinning. Skiing. Strength training. These are the things I do and do often.  Some times two in one day. Sometimes the Seawheeze Half Marathon one day and the Cypress Challenge the next – as in this past weekend.  I felt strong, recovered quickly and could do it all again.

Just a few short months ago this would not have been impossible. I was suffering from over-training, anemia, fatigue, weight gain and to top it all off a hamstring injury. My passions were being compromised and I was desperate. This was the driving force to seeking nutritional support from Sarah.

Sarah educated me on everything nutrition including before, during and after workout fuel, proteins and fats required for my activity level, meal and snack plans, grocery lists, recipes and constant support.

The changes to my nutrition have changed my life.  I am feeling stronger, faster, lighter and have an abundance of energy.  I am ready to conquer whatever comes next… Like the Whistler 5 Peaks Enduro Run – bring it on!

Danny Buntain, Vancouver BC (nutrition coaching client 2017, run coaching client 2018, nutrition coaching client 2019)

UPDATE: May 7, 2018 – After training for the BMO half marathon with Sarah this spring, I realized I could run a half marathon without the pain and injuries that plagued me last year! My physiotherapist even commented on how much stronger my body is this year. Instead of being wiped out after this training cycle, I’m looking forward to getting back out there (after a break of course!) and going after my PB in a fall half marathon. With the immense learnings I’ve taken away from this race, I know it’s possible for me. Plus, with continued practicing of eat 2 run nutrition, I’m no longer experiencing any heartburn (a past chronic issue) and it’s exciting to see how commitment to this lifestyle continues to reap rewards. I’ve not only learned an immense amount about my body and nutrition but also continue to see the results both physically and in training performance. Thank you Sarah, I really would not be where I am today without your guidance.