Crystal A.

sarah cuff

June 8, 2017

In only one month, I have way less pain than I had before and my body is lot stronger. I’m able to hike again, which is great because one of the main reasons I decided to work with Sarah was because I wanted to overcome my injuries (ankle, calf and knee issues). I also wanted to recover faster after hikes.

I can now hike much longer – I’ve been doing 2 to 5 hour hikes which have felt good, and I’ve recovered well from them.

Even though I’m not specifically strength training (my workout routine hasn’t changed at all), I feel much stronger. People have even commented on how I look stronger. These positive changes in physique and strength appear to be 100% due to the eating changes I’ve made since receiving Sarah’s recommendations for me.

I’m now sleeping better too. I sleep almost through every night, unless something dramatic happens during the day. I’m not tired all the time which means I’m able to hike longer. I’m still working on a few issues such as dybiosis but feel I have the tools required and am moving forward in the right direction.

I first met Sarah in the sports nutrition class she taught – she was so passionate and knowledgable that I trusted immediately that she’d know what was right for me. And I was right – I really loved everything. I love her recipe book. And I just love her little tips and tricks. It was all really good and easy to understand. Overall, working with Sarah was a great experience!!

-Crystal Alexandria, Vancouver BC (spring 2017)
 (nutrition coaching client)