Christine P.

sarah cuff

January 2, 2015

20160814_081824I thought I knew it all.  I wasn’t sure I would learn anything that I already didn’t know. I thought that I had a good handle on nutrition and how to eat properly and anything else I needed I could find by reading an article in a magazine. I was wrong!! Just seeing Sarah talk once showed me how much more I had to learn and how wrong I had been.

Sarah designed a plan for me that took into consideration all my likes and dislikes. I am a meat eater = love my red meat and Sarah worked that into my plan. She turned me onto eating Bison, a leaner red meat. Sarah designed a few plans for me, one for my regular days and one when I have to work both my full time job and my part time job. Trying to eat when you are going between two jobs or with only a 15minute break can be difficult and often I would be eating dinner very late at night. Sarah designed a plan so that I was properly fuelled and gave me ideas for late night eating that did not have me going to bed with a heavy stomach.

I liked that she worked with my various schedules so that I had a regular day plan, a run day plan and a two job plan. I always felt that I had enough to eat and could sustain my energy levels for whatever the day called for!! My energy levels have greatly increased which has made me a better runner. I feel well fueled for running as well as just on a daily basis. I am less bloated and gassy! I feel great each day!!

I have a better idea of how to eat properly for different circumstances in my daily life.  Whether I am heading out for a run or off to work I feel great. I have learnt so much about how to fuel my body properly and have been turned onto so many new foods and ideas = who knew I would be a jerky addict!! I actually crave a good matcha tea and my green smoothie. I can feel how awful my body reacts to a bad eating day and I know how great I feel when I follow Sarah’s plan!! Sarah’s plans are ones that I can follow for life with ease and enjoyment.

I feel I am a work in progress.  I have lost some weight and I am continuing to lose more of that nasty belly fat! I ran my first half marathon with ease and I recovered without an ache or pain. It was such a great and rewarding experience!! I feel 100% better than I did a few months ago. My goals were to lose weight, learn how to fuel my body for running and to increase my energy levels – Sarah helped me to meet all these goals. Thank you Sarah!!

-Christine Pope, Vancouver BC