Chris C.

sarah cuff

February 18, 2016

cc_family-e1414531405605When I first came to see Sarah, I was low on energy and finding it hard to recovery after training sometimes. But mostly, I wanted to run energized! Once I received my personalized Eat 2 Run plan, I almost immediately noticed my energy improve (and, over a year later, I still feel so energized from eating this way).After our second follow-up, I was finally ready to give up my black tea habit and could not believe how much better I felt!! I could handle stress a lot better, sleep was fantastic (any night sweats I was experiencing immediately disappeared after getting off black tea) and recovery from runs was great. The recovery smoothie is really fantastic, it makes all the difference in the world for the remainder of my day after a long run!

Then all of a sudden my life took a turn for the most exciting – and my husband and I welcomed a new baby into our family!  So Sarah re-did my plan for me given my new goals and reduced running. I’ve never felt so busy but Sarah’s guidance helped give me the energy to get through each day and I still managed to get out for a run here and there. In fact I cobbled together enough training to get me to the start line of the Victoria half marathon.

In the week leading up to race day I felt I was getting sick, but used fresh juices and lots of green smoothies and it never materialized into a full-fleged cold. I ran that race with a negative split and it’s the first race I’ve run I felt this strong! According to my training I was expecting a time that was over 10 minutes slower than what I crossed with and I know it was the proper nutrition that enabled me to run as strong as I did! This race further proved to me just how important ‘eating 2 run’ is. You just have to eat properly if you’re a long distance runner!

Chris Cochran, Surrey BC