Chaminda J.

sarah cuff

October 21, 2019

I have followed Sarah and Eat 2 Run since 2016 and I knew in 2017, when I had a chance to attend one of her workshops and to meet her in person, that if ever I was able to work with a coach, it would be her! I finally got the chance to hire her (for both run coaching and nutrition) this past fall.

Although I’ve been running for a little over 5 years now, when I began working with Sarah, I didn’t realize how many concepts (both nutritional and in my training for races) that I’d been missing out on. No wonder I’d long been struggling, both with performance and with post long-run and post race recovery .

In my time working with Sarah, I must say I fell in love with running again! I had more energy to do my runs (even though I was running more than I’ve ever run before!) and my recovery was very quick. I also felt lighter on my feet and ready for race day.

My goal race was Victoria Half Marathon – and I completed it over 8 minutes faster than my previous PB (despite getting sick just before race day). I appreciated that Sarah provided me a detailed nutrition plan for the race day and I know that my following it very closely helped me not to crash during the race, and achieve my new PB. 

My heart rate data is telling – and shows how much fitter I am now. My average heart rate in Victoria two years ago when I ran my last PB was in the 170’s. This is year the average was 137 – and I was 8 minutes faster. I know Sarah’s training plan and nutritional information played huge role in my improved aerobic fitness. 

I liked that Sarah clearly outlined what foods and supplements might work best for me, and when to utilize each. I do believe that helped me recovery faster. Also, I no longer crave unhealthy snacks and I feel that I’m sleeping better (getting a bit more deep sleep).

Lastly, while my time goal in the Victoria Half was important, most of all I value the nutritional habits I developed to optimize health. In comparing blood work I got done in July to results from last week, my numbers are improving – for example, there’s an increase in HDL cholesterol and lowered LDL cholesterol.

Thank you for your awesome coaching Sarah. I am very grateful to you. Thank you.

Chaminda Jayaskara, Surrey BC (fall 2019)
(nutrition coaching and run coaching client)