Catherine F.

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February 18, 2016

image-3I reached out to Sarah at the beginning of the training season for my second marathon (February 2014).  I was primarily concerned with some unwanted weight gain and was focused on having her help me get to my racing weight in time for my 2nd marathon (May 2014).  But as chance would have it, I was also experiencing some (sudden) hip pain and was in the process of trying to figure out if I was truly injured or just experiencing some temporary inflammation.  I was subsequently diagnosed with a hip labral tear.

Hence, I started my nutrition journey with Sarah uncertain that I would even be able to run my marathon as labral tear prognostics are not great for a runner.  I was barely able to run without pain, so I rested, started physical therapy, and tried to stay “on plan” despite my hip. My plan included lots of nutritious, anti-inflammatory (and yummy!) foods that I really enjoyed. I, sadly, lost 6 weeks of training during this time.

Miraculously, 8 weeks before the start of my 2nd marathon, I started running again. Every single run was slow but pain-free.  Then I ran a half-marathon, again pain free.  Then I started adding in more week day miles.  All pain-free. I slowly began to believe that I might be able to complete my marathon.  Completion was NOT my original goal but, given my season, it became my goal.

I am happy to share that not only did I lose 5.5 lbs but I also got a 5 minute PR in my marathon, finishing with a 4:05:19. I have absolutely NO doubt that my nutritional plan played a HUGE role in my ability to get back to running.  I still have the labral tear (they do not heal) but I am still running absolutely pain-free.  I am planning my 3rd marathon and will continue to work with Sarah to continue my progress.  She is absolutely great! She is knowledgeable, warm, patient, responsive and has completely changed the way I look at food and nutrition.  I can’t thank her enough for helping me this season.

Catherine Frank, Philadelphia PA

UPDATE from Catherine, 3 months later:

I began training for a September 2014 marathon and continued my ‘eating2run’ plan. In 12 weeks, I lost several more pounds and reached the starting line at my goal racing weight. I also shaved nearly 11 mins off my marathon time to get my first sub-4:00 marathon! I have never felt better in a marathon and I know I could not have gotten here without Sarah. Her knowledge and guidance helped me to ‘toe the line’ healthy, strong and lean and has forever changed how I fuel my body.

Thank you Sarah!