Carmella S.

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February 20, 2015

Carmella attended the Eat 2 Run Nutrition for Runners Workshop October 4, 2014 – this is her story of what she experienced once putting what she learned into action: 

11034273_1092697574079039_4318243663125755473_nI just ran my very first half marathon – Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver Inaugural – and I’m still buzzing with disbelief that I ran it injury free and ready for more!  I nailed it in 2:19:07! Absolutely not expecting that time as I was anticipating a 3hr finish!  I felt grrrrreat!

Ok, so lots of it had to do with simply being prepared – I put in the training… but I also strongly believe it was your nutrition plans I followed that took it to the top! With your fat / carb loading plan, it simply worked!  I felt high energy throughout my run; didn’t feel any aches/pains I’d usually feel during my LSD training runs (I’ve suffered and been recovering from sciatica this past 3 years); light on my feet, and still felt strong dancing (yes, I danced!) across the finish line!

All this and I am Type 2 diabetic. Last week I went to my doctor for my regular bloodwork check up.  Normal blood glucose levels are usually between 6-7.  Before training for Hood to Coast and Rock N Roll, my glucose averaged 10.1 or higher….not good… my doctor put me on the lowest dose of diabetic meds, and that lowered my glucose to about 8.4… it still needed lowering… but now with your whole grain / plant based way of eating to run… this has been the missing piece of the puzzle for me on many levels…. my bloodwork is now at 6.1!!  Normal!  And these past 3 months, I’ve also lost 15lbs…. my doctor was beside herself and so happy for me.  “…keep doing what you’re doing!” she says!

So what do I do to keep doing?  Well, I signed up for the BMO FULL Marathon!  Yep!  This will be my very first full marathon!

This year 2014 has definitely been a year of recovery and healing for me. I am especially happy you and Emma are part of it!

This next 2015 New Year is going to be MY YEAR!  I’m in the process of also changing my career, and working at the Running Room has been and continues to be a huge catalyst for positive change because it’s connected me with so many wonderful people like yourself.

– Carmella de los Santos, Vancouver BC 


UPDATE from Carmella, 4 months later:

So I did it again… used your fat loading technique (I’m loving avocado smoothies :)) … did the First Half this weekend… saw Dylan in (fast) passing… and I hit a PB!! This time I crossed the 1/2 marathon finish line in 2:13:39!! (RnRVan was 2:19:07) I so did not expect that!! Thank you’s again to you and Emma for the nutrition knowledge! BTW – Vega Pre and Post are the bomb! And dried tart cherries… to die for!! My husband’s gotten swept up into my running vortex, and is now training for the SunRun 10K! His very first run… he’s hooked on Vega and tart cherries too!

Carm 🙂