Barbara Ann K.

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February 18, 2016

image-2 (2)I initially hesitated signing on for nutrition coaching because I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to get for my money. However, by taking the “leap of faith” and trusting in Sarah I knew immediately after our initial consultation that she was definitely what I needed! She is so knowledgeable about food and she was able to take an analysis of my situation and design me my own personal meal plan.

My energy levels have drastically improved (and continue to improve), my recovery time is quicker, I don’t have to run to the bathroom every 4 miles and I am running without pain – my injury is almost completely healed! Plus, I’ve lost 10 pounds (in 2 months). I feel so good! 🙂

I am so pleased how much I have learned about how to fuel my body for running and recovery. I am so thankful that Sarah is a part of my life now! Sarah’s coaching and her superior knowledge of the science of food and how it plays an integral part of fuelling our bodies for running and staying injury-free is something I recommend to all my running friends. Sarah is an absolutely amazing individual and I can’t say enough about how she inspires me and helps me with her keen desire to help others reach their goals.”

Barbara Ann Kisiloski, South Surrey BC

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