Ally G.

sarah cuff

February 19, 2016

Image 5When I first started my Eat 2 Run plan, I immediately noticed my energy levels increase. I first noticed when I woke in the morning I wasn’t as tired… Before starting the plan, I would sometimes sleep 9 hours and still feel exhausted. Now, my body automatically wakes up, even before my alarm, feeling alert and ready to go!

In regards to running, about three weeks after I started the Eat 2 Run plan, I had one of the best workouts of my life. We had not worked on much speed work yet, and for my first speed workout I had to do a 400m, and 2 by 300m, 200m intervals, all at faster than 800m pace. I surprised myself, and ended up running faster for the intervals than I ever thought I could do, and felt relaxed and comfortable doing so. (I ran faster in the 400m interval than my 400m PB from high school…)

The best part of my nutrition plan is the flexibility. There are so many recipe options, that I am able to choose what meals I want that day and I never get tired of the meals. For example, if I am stressed for time, as I am a university student, many of the recipes are quick and easy to make with few ingredients. I also really like that the grocery list supplies me every ingredient I need for all the recipes, so when I am in a rush, I have all the ingredients to make a quick healthy meal.

I have benefited from Eat 2 Run in the way that it has made me step back and really think about what I am putting into my body. My main issues before starting the plan were keeping my iron levels up and getting sore from workouts, even though I was rolling out and stretching a ton. I have noticed since starting that incorporating anti-inflammatory and iron rich foods into my diet has increased my performance dramatically. Less than two weeks ago in California, I raced the 1500m one day, and the 800m the next with a less than 24 hour turn around, and ran my second best time in the 1500m, and a PB in the 800m. I hope to better both of these times by the end of the season as I continue with the eating 2 run mentality.

I would definitely recommend Eating 2 Run to anyone who wants to better their running through more than just training, or who is struggling to get through injuries or anemia while training. The food is great, and you will see results!

Ally Ginther, Moscow Idaho / Surrey BC