Alison K.

sarah cuff

September 30, 2019

Initially I wasn’t sure what impact having coaching would have on my running but I am so glad that I signed up to work with Sarah!

Through working with her in a nutritional capacity, I noticed an increase in my energy levels plus I definitely found that I recovered faster after long runs as well as races. I liked having guidance and suggestions about which foods would best fuel my running, and a clear plan to follow particularly on race day. I also appreciated the easy to make meal options she included for me. 

In working with Sarah in a run coaching capacity, it was great having the coaching feedback and encouragement, particularly after the long runs. 

After working with her for 4 months, I am very happy to have achieved my goal of running a sub 4:30 marathon (I brought home a 14 minute PB!), and I must say it’s also nice to feel good afterwards – recovery is better than after previous marathons. 

Overall, Sarah was a very flexible coach, easily accommodating my work and vacation commitments – and I’m happy to have brought my running to the next level!

Alison Khara, Vancouver BC
(summer 2019 to fall 2019 – nutrition AND run coaching client)