Alanna G.

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September 7, 2016

scott-5491After following Sarah’s plan I finally reached my goal of qualifying for the Boston marathon in a time of 3:33:28 and almost a 5 minute PB! You see, back in 2012  (a little over four years ago) I ran my first marathon in 4:15:13. The next few years were riddled with injuries; rib fractures, muscle contusions, concussions and a torn hip flexor (I’m also an avid mountain biker) and although I was still running consistently my marathon times did not improve, mountain biking and marathon running aren’t always complementary sports.

In September 2015 (a little less than a year ago) I ran a 4:04:43 in the Montreal marathon, which was a new personal best at the time. My sister-in-law qualified for the Boston Marathon in this race and so I made it my goal to qualify as well so that we could run Boston together in 2017. I followed a strict training plan and came close in the Sacramento Marathon, 3:38:05, but still needed to take off more than 4 minutes to qualify and have a chance at being accepted into the marathon.

I contacted Sarah after another unsuccessful attempt in the Eugene marathon in May, 3:53:38. I knew my training had been on point, but that my nutrition was seriously lacking. Being a vegetarian I had struggled with low energy, keeping my iron levels up and had really felt fatigued during my last training cycle.

The one hesitation I had about contacting Sarah was that the meal prep would be too time consuming for my busy schedule. But Sarah was extremely accommodating and made a plan that suited my schedule along with lots of suggestions to cut down on the meal preparation times.

After following Sarah’s plan I feel a huge difference in my energy levels, not only while running but also in my day to day life. I no longer crave the junk food from the office vending machine but would much rather have one of the snacks off of my meal plan so that my body feels fueled for the day and my next workout.  Sarah worked with me to develop a tailored pre-race nutrition plan, ames-2766and I felt confident that I would not have any stomach issues on race day after testing out my nutrition plan on a few of my long runs.

And then I finally reached my goal of qualifying for the Boston marathon!

I considered myself a pretty healthy eater before contacting Sarah, but I have learned so much after following her program. I love the recipes and continue to use them daily and even my partner (a meat loving, beer drinking, non-runner) enjoys them!

I’m so thrilled with finally reaching my goal of qualifying for Boston, I got there injury free and was able to recover faster than I ever have from any of my previous marathons. Sarah’s program, follow-ups, encouragement and advice definitely played a huge role in my success and I would highly recommend her services!

-Alanna Goobie, Vancouver BC
 (nutrition coaching client)