Nourishing Performance Through Perimenopause and Beyond – Part 3

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With the decline of estrogen overall during perimenopause, we also have reduced anabolic stimulus for building lean muscle mass and bone density. So along with increase visceral fat deposition there is less hormonal drive to build and maintain lean muscle mass. But luckily, we already know that we have strength training methods and strategies to help with building and maintaining lean muscle mass and bone density. To set ourselves up well for the decline in our hormones and to have a plan to support our bodies once those hormones flatline, we need to look at how to use nutrition and nutrition timing in conjunction with strength training.

Post-Run Nutrition (plus shortcuts)

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Following up on my Pre-Run Nutrition post, your post-run nutrition practice can make a world of difference in how well and how quickly you recover. In fact, if you neglect taking in nutrition of any sort immediately after a long or hard run, you risk delaying your recovery time by half and suffering greater levels of pain and soreness as well as …

Your Post-Run Nutrition Practice

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What we consume immediately following our runs plays a key role in determining how well and the speed at which our bodies recover. Proper replenishment ensures we have the glycogen stores (fuel reserves and enough energy) to successfully complete our next workout. Repairing the damaged muscle tissue is essential to improved performance and avoiding injury. And returning our bodies to …

Chocolate Milk for Post-Run Recovery?

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I’ve had a number of clients ask me about the benefits of chocolate milk as a recovery drink, a beverage many runners enjoy the convenience of post-run. In fact, it’s a popular choice to be found at the finish line of many races. Does chocolate milk live up to it’s hype? Let’s take a look. But first, what we should …